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    Special Report by Paul Hancox   

As a writer, have you ever found yourself frustrated that many potential clients seem more concerned about the PRICE of your writing, than about the QUALITY? Or...

Have you ever felt you wanted to charge more, but were worried about losing business (or of not getting any new business at all)? Have you ever felt you needed to lower your price just to compete in the writing market? Or worse still...

Have you ever found yourself a little angry or frustrated at some of your fellow writers, particularly the ones who churn out ridiculously low priced articles and sales letters, that you just KNOW are probably of low quality, and so are likely damaging their client's business?

If you've ever felt or experienced ANY of these things, then pay careful attention to what I'm about to tell you in the next 5 minutes, because...

I promise this will help. 

It seems every other day on writing and marketing forums and blogs we read of horror stories where other writer's clients received articles or sales letters that turn out to have been...
  • Badly written by someone with only a passing familiarity with the English language, or

  • Spun out from what sounds like The Article Spinning Mill From Hell, or

  • Rehashed Wikipedia articles with some copy and paste material stolen from elsewhere thrown in for good measure, or

  • Cookie cutter sales letters or articles based on templates with virtually no original thought.
9 times out of 10 you'll find a "cheap" writer was behind the "horror story"... and yet, what's remarkable is many potential clients still seem to put price ahead of the more important things like quality, so...

It's time we did something about it...

Quite frankly, I cringe every time I read one of those "horror stories", because I know that most of the time, it's because the client went for "cheap", and got EXACTLY what they paid for.

However, as writers...

We face two big problems.

(1) How do we stand out from the crowd of cheap writers who practically churn out material with no concern about quality, and...

(2) If your writing is of good quality, and you want people to pay you what you feel you deserve for it, how do you get your potential clients to recognize your quality, and that paying more will be worth it? How do you get them to pay more, and actually want to do so?

How to tackle them both, and make more money...

Let me share with you right now the first and single biggest "key" to solving these problems, and to earning more from your writing - I'll share the others with you a bit later - which is this...


What does that mean? It means DEMONSTRATING to your potential clients HOW your writing service differs from others (especially those cheap and poor quality writers), and WHY this difference really matters to them.

For example, most writers - including the bad ones - say they offer "high quality writing"; and so, because it's used so often, it becomes almost a meaningless statement. It really says nothing at all, because everyone says it.

If you want to not only stand out from the crowd, but also make more money from your writing, (a) you need to SHOW and EXPLAIN to your clients what bad quality writing could mean to them, (b) SHOW and EXPLAIN to them what good quality writing means to them, and (c) DEMONSTRATE your skills to them in advance.

I'll explain PRECISELY how to do that in this report, and here's why this matters to you. If you DON'T do this, your potential clients won't know the difference between you and a bad writer (because even the bad writers says their writing is "high quality"), and will go with someone cheaper.

You'll lose out, and your potential client may well lose out as well! So as writers, not only do we owe it to ourselves to "sell the difference" (so we can earn more money ourselves), but we also owe it to our clients, so they don't keep falling for the "cheap" writers, just to save a few bucks... only to have it cost them dearly in other ways.

Now, at this point you might be wondering, "How do I sell the difference"? This is where I come in:


By the way, my name's Paul Hancox. I've been marketing and selling online since 1998, and I've sold lots of things including products, services, writing and software - at what many of my fellow writers and marketers might consider premium prices. (However, I always believe in delivering great value for their money, which is why I rarely get refund requests.)

In addition, I've also sold things directly in front of customers (what we call "direct sales"), in one of the toughest and most competitive markets of all - the home improvement market.

Just as in the writing market, there were many competitors in the home improvement market that sold "cheap", so as part of a company that was more "expensive" than most, I was trained to "sell the difference", which I discovered was ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to winning a client in a market with lots of "cheap" competitors.

I quickly came to realize that, very often, price was only the biggest issue when I hadn't "sold the difference" properly.

So I understand exactly what you face as a quality writer, in a market where too many "cheap" writers claim to be offering what you offer (but WE know their writing is of poorer quality), for a lower price.

After seeing some of the recent "horror stories" as a result of "cheap" writing, I got angry - I hate to see my fellow writers undervalue themselves - so I decided to take action, to share my knowledge of selling in all kinds of competitive markets (including the writing market), and to help my fellow writers get
what they deserve - namely, more money from their writing.

The easiest way of sharing that knowledge was to put it all in a report, written specifically for freelance writers, ghostwriters, article writers and copywriters, to help you get more money from your writing. So then...


I call the report "Write To More Money", and here are some of the things you're going to get from it:
  • What Clients Really Want. The FOUR things you must know about virtually EVERY potential client, no matter what you sell or at what price! When you read this and understand these four things, selling your service to them will be so much easier. (p6,7)

  • Earn More, Quicker. The better you write, the more you could earn. So if you feel your writing needs improvement, here are two simple, quick and effective techniques you can use IMMEDIATELY to put the speed of your writing improvement on "fast track" to earning more... (p8-13)

  • The "Facts Of Life" For Writers. Most writers worry about these "Facts Of Life", but since they are always going to be true, I'll show you how stop worrying, and instead turn them to your advantage. (p13-14)

  • The "Quality" Riddle. Despite what they say, many clients actually DON'T want quality... at first! I'll show you precisely why this may be the case, and also what you need to do with these clients. If you don't get this one, your prices will always be driven down by "cheap" writers who don't care about quality at all. (p15-17, 37-39)

  • "I Can't Afford It!" Busting. Clients won't order from you if they feel they can't afford your services, so I'll give you THREE SMART STRATEGIES for making your services affordable to them, even if you charge more than other writers. (p17,18, 39-44)

  • The "Market Rate" Conspiracy. Yes, it's almost as if there's a "conspiracy" to keep some writers low paid! I'll bust open this "conspiracy" and show you why clients are using concepts like the "market rate" or "going rate" to MISLEAD YOU into keeping your prices lower! And I'll show you what you MUST do to counter this. (p18-20)

  • How To Stand Out From The Writing "Crowd". I'll give you a PRECISE STRATEGY for distinguishing yourself from other writers, so potential clients will want to use YOUR writing service rather than other writers. (p19-27)

  • Invisible Selling. I'll reveal my secret "Invisible Selling" technique to you right here. Get this... just this one technique by itself could have clients lining up to use your services... when you have this, and use it. (p34-37)

  • "Horror Stories" Can Make You Money! Now you can use my covert strategy for taking any other person's bad writing experience and using it to sell YOUR writing service. When you have this strategy, you'll be GRATEFUL to those "cheap", poor quality writers, because they will be effectively helping you to sell YOUR service! (p28-33)

  • The Missing Link: ONE SIMPLE QUESTION that will help you discover EXACTLY what your clients really want, and how to give it to them! Your clients will love you when you do this, and will likely come back to you for more. (p37-39)

  • How Would You Like No Competition? How to COMPLETELY distinguish your writing service from everybody else, so clients want to use YOU, and ONLY YOU! (p44-54)

  • Multiple Streams Of Income. Here I share with you more than a dozen ideas for services your clients may also want, in addition to articles and sales letters. Offer some or all of these to your clients, to help you create more streams of income for yourself and your business, and to make it more secure. (p38,39, 52-54)

  • How To Please Everyone, And Do Less Work! How to develop a pricing and service structure that enables you to sell BOTH to clients who just want the cheapest, AND those looking for higher quality. Use this, and it could also save you from a lot of unnecessary hard work. (p49-51)

  • The Secret Seven. Seven secret techniques to train (and even condition) your prospects to EXPECT to pay more. I discovered these technique in direct (face to face) selling. This is the single biggest section of the report because it is just so important, yet virtually none of your fellow writers are doing anything even close to this at the moment... giving you a massive advantage right now now... only IF you use it right! (p54-71)

  • Price Framing. How to "reframe" your prices so they are perceived as both reasonable and good value for money... regardless of what you charge. (p67,68)

  • Give Yourself The Upper Hand. A vital strategy for getting more money from clients who negotiate with you. Be careful, if your clients use this on you, you'll lose out!... which is why you NEED to know this and use it first, to make sure it's not done TO you... because it can cost you money if THEY do this to YOU first. (p71-73)

  • Insights From A Hotel. What a major hotel chain can teach us about special offers, and using offers to make more money from your writing. (p73-76)

  • A Price Increase "Trick". How to charge more without having to put your prices up! Yes, it can easily be done when you know this amazingly simple strategy. This one will save you the embarrassment of having to tell your clients about your price increase. (p75,76)

  • Finally, End Client Hesitation Now. How to compel your potential clients to take action NOW, rather than LATER, so you don't lose them to your competitors, and so you can schedule and plan better - a critical component of making the most money from, and putting a value on, your own time. (p76-84)

So then...


I'll admit, I don't know your precise motivation for wanting to buy this report. Perhaps you already know deep down that you deserve more money for your writing, or maybe you feel you need more. You might even know that you should be asking for more, but you're concerned about losing potential clients, or about not gaining any new ones.

Whatever is the case, my report is designed to give you all the knowledge, techniques, strategies and insights you need to have both the confidence and the ability to ask for - and get - more money for your writing, starting today.

Look at it this way: every single day that you don't have this knowledge, you're losing money. For example, if you're charging $5 an article when you COULD be charging $10 or even $20, how much are you losing?

It's about having the confidence, skills and knowledge to be able to ask for what you deserve, which is exactly what my report is about to give you.

The simple fact is, unless perhaps you're Stephen King, it's not usually enough just to list your credentials. You need to SELL your writing service to your prospective clients.

That's why my report is so important to you... I will show you precisely how to sell your writing service and do so QUICKLY, EASILY and NATURALLY, so you can focus on your writing and get the respect and money you deserve. I wrote this report to make it EASY for you to sell your services.


Some people spend THOUSANDS or even TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on a College or University education, investing in their own future income and prosperity.

Now, I'm not teaching you to write in this report... I'm assuming you can already do that - although I do have some tips on how to improve if you don't consider yourself excellent at writing just yet.

However, what I AM about to give you is an intensive, fun and hopefully thrilling 90 page "crash course" on selling your writing service and getting more money for your writing. How much would this be worth to you? This is, after all, an investment in your future.

Admittedly I could do what some of the "gurus" do and offer this as a seminar for $997 (and pad it out over 3-5 days), but quite frankly I want to help you right now to get more money from your writing service - and I don't want you to have to spend anything like $997 to get this, because it's so important to you.

I decided to price this report so it's within the reach of every writer, and price it at just $27, so that, as an investment in your future, there is no excuse but to get it.

After all, I really believe as a writer you need the information and knowledge in this report (as you'll see why when you read it) - which is why I wrote it in the first place, and is why I'm pricing it so low. So click here to get your copy of "Write To More Money".

Even more good news is that...


I'm really excited to share this knowledge with you. I WANT you to have it, and I really believe you're going to be elated with the content, like so many others who read it! (You can read what they have to say in just a moment.)

That's why I'm also making you this 100% No Risk Guarantee. If you get this report, and after absorbing it, you don't feel you'll be able to earn more money as a result of my report, then I'll happily refund 100% of your money, within 60 days of purchase. I KNOW most writers are good, decent and honest people, and I just KNOW you're going to get a lot from this report - so I'm more than happy to make that guarantee, so you can have absolute peace of mind.


"New and useful information..."

Caliban DarklockAfter twenty-three years in business, it sometimes seems like I know all there is to know about pricing my services. Paul's book, as very few books do, has shattered that notion; there's a great deal of new and useful information here, and I'm already planning the changes to my marketing efforts as a result. And now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go read it again.

Caliban Darklock

"... changed the way I interact with my clients the very next day... a must-read..."

David RaybouldPaul, when I agreed to review your new report, I expected an excellent read, but as a busy working copywriter, I didn't think I'd learn much. Well... I was wrong. "Write To More Money" changed the way I interact with my clients the very next day. It's simply a must-read for anyone who wants to make money from their writing. Another great report Paul.

David Raybould
High Conversion Copywriter

Kat FuschilloI wish I'd read this report before I started my ghostwriting service. It would've saved me a lot of time and helped me charge higher rates for my writing much sooner. It has taught me a lot about how I should value my own writing, new ways I can promote my work and how best to communicate with potential clients.

There are a number of great exercises and tips that can really help you get the best out of your business. I used just a handful of these techniques and managed to generate a lot of new interest in my service very quickly.

Kat Fuschillo

Tina Golden"Very well written but..."

This ebook is very well written but I didn't expect anything different considering the author. I believe this should be read by any writer who can write reasonably well. I know that I am certainly going to use some of these tips in my copy.

To any writer who thinks they have to settle for peanuts in order to compete, you really need to read this ebook. I have long known that the penny a word churn-and-burn writers were not my competition but Paul has given concrete examples of how to rise above that in your writing business.

Tina Golden

Jeff Williams"A lot of article writers... are going to do a complete overhaul of their writing business..."

I just finished reading your report, "Write To More Money" and I'll have to admit, I was impressed. The psychology behind how clients actually choose a content writer was truly fascinating. Very eye-opening to say the least.

But, my favorite part had to be the "framing" technique you revealed on pg. 73-74. I honestly don't see why any good writer for hire couldn't start using this strategy right now - today - and start bringing home much more income than they are presently. So simple to do.

I'm betting a lot of article writers out there who are just struggling to "get by" are going to do a complete overhaul of their writing business very soon after reading your book. You've got a real winner here, IMO.

Excellent job,

Jeff Williams

Theodore MarlettHi Paul,

I thought your report was fantastic.

This is a report that will be extremely useful for a neophyte writer and experienced writer alike. The stages of getting yourself out "there" as a writer is thoroughly explained in detail so anyone can do this. Paul lists some strategies that are not known to the casual writer and appears to not be known to many serious writers. One of the best sections was on setting your prices and how this affects your income and the perceptions of folks who will be buying your work regardless of cost.

The section on setting up your sales page was well worth reading the whole report and a whole lot more. I am going to read "Write To More Money: How To Ask For - And Get - More Money For Your Writing" many times and really soak in what Paul has offered. Thank you so very much for allowing me to review this tremendous piece of work. Many many people will absolutely benefit financially if they actually use the information presented.

Theodore Marlett

"... thoroughly enjoyed every moment..."

DSM PublishingHello Paul

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review a copy of your latest publication and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed every moment that I was reading it.

It gave me a great insight into how to make the most money from writing and had quite a few gems that I will be keeping hold of for further reference - you really are a credit to internet marketing.

Samantha Milner


Before you order, let me quickly recap what you're about to get: You're about to download a 90+ page PDF report which contains all the knowledge, techniques, strategies and insights you need to have both the confidence AND the ability to ask for - and get - more money for your writing.

This is something every writer needs, so I want you to take action now, click on the order link below, and start downloading and reading this report today so you can put it to work for you today to earn the money you deserve for your writing.

Look, I can't say for certain if you'll be able to imagine yourself, maybe six months or a year from now, and be able to picture where you'll be with your writing business and how things will have changed, and how you've applied all the techniques and strategies in this report, to get the money you deserve for your writing... and maybe more and higher paying clients lining up at your door...

... and I don't know for certain whether you'll be able to DEFINITELY look back, from that point in your business, to this moment right now - the moment when you made the decision to start to download and read my report - as the moment that made all the difference.

But I DO know this for certain... that I really want this to be the case for you. I want you to get what you deserve.

So forgive me for being blunt - but if you don't get it, and apply all the knowledge you're about to get, and if nothing has changed six months or a year from now, then you had only yourself to blame, since it's being virtually handed to you on a plate right here, right now. This is your window of opportunity to do something good for yourself, your writing business and your clients, and finally get what you deserve.

So click on the order button below to begin the next chapter in your writing business:

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On that basis, I'd like to get this report right now. (Click the order button below).

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P.S: Remember, my 90+ page PDF report, "Write To More Money", backed by my 60 day 100% No Risk Guarantee, is about to give you all the knowledge, techniques, strategies and insights you need to have both the confidence and the ability to ask for - and get - more money for your writing. So it's a big investment in yourself, at such a tiny price.

Important: The idea behind this report is to help you make and get more money from your writing. However, I cannot and do not make you any specific income promises, because how much you earn from your writing will ultimately depend on many factors, such as your own skills and ability, and how you use and apply the information you're about to get in this report.